Referral Coupon

1 For You. 1 For a Friend.

When you refer a friend to join the CU, we will give you and your friend a FREE gift. Get started now - It’s easy!

  1. Write your information below Give this coupon to a friend that is

  2. eligible to become a member of MMCU.

  3. Your friend turns this coupon in with their Membership Application

  4. You and your friend pick up your FREE gift at a MMCU branch.

Ready to join? Just print and bring this coupon to any MMCU branch to open your account.

*All new accounts are subject to MMCU standard account membership terms and disclosures. Referral coupon must be submitted at the time the new member opens the account. Existing primary members opening a new account do not qualify as a new member. Former members qualify as a new member provided their previous account was closed one (1) year prior to the date of reopen. The first member who refers an eligible new member will receive the referral gift. The gift must be picked up by the referring and the new member at a MMCU branch location. MMCU may modify the terms of the referral program without prior notice by modifying the referral program rules. MMCU reserves the right to end this program at any time.